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What are maori interests in freshwater


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Ngai Tahu Chairman Mark Solomon explains why the Otautahi-based iwi is not concerned over the Government's proposed Mixed Ownership Model, and clarifies Ngai Tahu's reasons for filing an affidavit in the New Zeland Maori Council's case against the Crown's sale of shares in State-owned energy companies.
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19 November 2012


Kiwiki   Mighty River Power is paying the government $120 million in dividends for its 2011-12 financial year. Will it, and the other two electricity SOEs, be so generous to their new shareholders after the government sells them off, asks Rod Oram in the Sunday Star-Times (2 September 2012). Rod's article provides an overview of the electricity market and can be found on his Facebook page "Kiwiki" here »
2nd September 2012


NBR   River Spirits have Parliament’s backing, says former leader of the ACT Party Rodney Hide in his weekly column in the National Business Review. In his 7 September “Hidesight” article, Mr Hide says that just when you think it can’t get any sillier, it does. He says it proves yet again that we lack sufficient imagination for just how silly government can be.
7th September 2012
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Listener   Given all the noise and confusion coming from the Waitangi Tribunal's deliberations on water ownership, the public could be forgiven for thinking the battle over one of our most previous resources is only beginning, says Listener contributor Rebecca Macfie in this article "Significant progress made on water war debate" (Listener, 4 August 2012).
4th August 2012
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